ZDNet: BookBook for iPad mini = The Best Case Scenario

The verdict is out on our newest BookBook, the tiny tome for iPad mini: If you ask ZDNet, they’ll tell you that the BookBook for iPad mini is “the best case scenario.” Here’s the rest of the (short) story:

“Well, it’s time to toss your $40 mini Smart Cover in the trash because there’s a new sheriff in town: BookBook for iPad mini ($69.99) by Twelve South. Unlike the garbage Smart Cover, BookBook is the epitome of good taste. It’s a portfolio case that when zippered shut, looks like a beautiful leather-bound book. But its beauty is more than skin deep. BookBook offers great protection for your iPad while being a completely functional case.

I’ve long been a fan of Twelve South’s BookBook cases because they tone down the tech. When you bring one into a meeting, it stops being about what device you’re carrying and the conversation focuses on the task at hand (It’s probably going to draw a few glances when you bust it out though). BookBook mini is a high quality piece that’s more akin to a family heirloom than a tech accessory. While it adds a bit of heft to the wafer-thin mini, it adds it in all the right places.”

Got some Christmas cash and a new iPad mini? Get your BookBook for iPad mini, in Vintage Brown, Classic Black, or — perfect for holiday cheer and then some — Vibrant Red.