BackPack – Clutterbomb killer

Good friend (and great designer) MH has some great before/after shots of her set-up cleaned up with a BackPack. Cable management tip – she could tie the cables up underneath the shelf for an even ‘stealthier’ cable clean-up. Hang the twisty-tied cables from the perforations in the shelf. Nice screensaver too! Twelve South BackPack Page […]

distinct |disˈti ng kt|

adjective1 recognizably different in nature from something else of a similar type We Mac users are always looking at other people’s Macs – at school, in coffee shops, on Flickr… and lately there are more and more MacBooks out there to look at – which is great. The only problem is when my MacBook isn’t so special […]

BackPack Origins…

I always wanted to do something cool with the back of the iMacs and Cinema Displays. The BackPack idea came to me one Saturday morning. I quickly drew up some ideas on a piece of paper, cut it out and held it up on my iMac to try. It basically came out exactly like that. […]