Seen BackPack online lately?

We finally released BackPack to the world with a short press release this week. The response was overwhelming. Gizmodo said “I am completely in love“. Engadget chimed in “Call us crazy (our parents sure have), but we think this thing is awesome“.  We think being mentioned in Gizmodo and Engedget is awesome because we read […]

12 new products a year

TIMM SAYS: Great site and products, and I’m glad you’re out there. You only have 3 of the claimed 12 products out so I assume you’re new, and I can’t wait to see what else you create… We need to change that to [up to] 12 new products a year : ) The point is, […]

The BMW of Computer Accessories

I just got a loaner car – a BMW X5 – for a few days. I just have to say, it’s Be – U – T – ful. Really, I’m so impressed. The finish is flawless, sound system is the best I’ve ever heard, it drives, well, like a BMW. All the little details are […]

You Never Forget Your First…

Just had our first interview as Twelve South. Had a great interview with Andy from our local Biz Journal. He asked all the hard questions and I only squirmed around and said ‘Umm” a few times : ) Overall a pretty good overview of our little start-up we call Twelve South. Thanks CRBJ! [article] Charleston startup […]

BackPack – Clutterbomb killer

Good friend (and great designer) MH has some great before/after shots of her set-up cleaned up with a BackPack. Cable management tip – she could tie the cables up underneath the shelf for an even ‘stealthier’ cable clean-up. Hang the twisty-tied cables from the perforations in the shelf. Nice screensaver too! Twelve South BackPack Page […]