Non-Breaking News: BookBook Saves MacBook Air From Freeway Fall

The stories we hear about BookBook and its protective qualities — whether from theft, where the thief ignores the “old book” and takes everything else in your apartment, or from tumbles — are just amazing. And while this one made us feel a little sick (we can only imagine the moment when you realize you’re driving with your BookBook on top of your car), it’s an awesome story that really shows you the best of BookBook. This just in from Twelve South’s Facebook page:

“Your bookbook case saved my MacBook Air. It flew off the roof of my car onto the freeway and rolled onto the shoulder. After a frantic search, I found it…with minor damage to the shell, but it still works. BookBook suffered a tiny tear and some scuffs is all. For anyone doubting the strength of BookBook, check out these photos. And yes, I was an idiot for leaving it on the roof of my car, but then I was a grateful idiot for your fabulous case!”

The photos:

Sheesh. We’re glad your Air was alright! And now your BookBook has an especially great story inside!

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