ParcSlope. What’s in a Name?

ParcSlope is our great new Hybrid MacBook Stand that you can type on. It also happens to be a cool neighborhood in Brooklyn. But why the ‘c’ in ParcSlope instead of the typical ‘k’? There’s actually an homage to Mac built into the name ParcSlope. Here’s the rest of the story.

Our Gift To You: A Change of Scenery

One of the joys of working with more than one Mac is the dual-screen setup. Everyone in our office uses dual screens right now.  But when you have a gorgeous, seamless horizon like this to work with, it seems silly not to use your background as an art space when you’re not working. So we […]

#12Days: 12 Days of Christmas, One Digest

Since it’s officially the 12th Day of our #12Days series, we thought we’d celebrate by putting it all together in one handy digest. If you missed anything — whether it was our Wintry Mix or how HoverBar Solves the Holiday Double-Chin — here it is, in all its glory.

“möd” of Inspiration: The Cherner Chair

If you’ve ever wondered where our design ideas come from, you’ll have to look back as well as forward.

For our latest product, BookArc möd, we turned to the stars of mid-century modern design, including the famous Eames lounge chair, as well as the lesser-known – but no less amazing – Cherner Chair. From our friends at Apartment Therapy, here’s a quick history you’ll want to read… and then you’ll see why we are so inspired by this lovely chair.