2015: Twelve South In Pictures

We’ve worked hard in 2015 to bring you amazing accessories for your Apple devices, including: ParcSlope, BaseLift, HiRise for Apple Watch, and Forté. We also updated some of our first products: BookArc for MacBook was redesigned, BookBook was tailored for new MacBooks, and HiRise Deluxe was the missing piece for #RoseGoldEverything. The best part, however, […]

The Twelve: Thirteen things we love this October

October is one of our favorite months of the year: it finally cools down, we open up the windows of Twelve South HQ and get some fresh air, and everything is spooky! We’re taking a break from eating candy and admiring the redesigned BookArc to bring you this month’s The Twelve – which, for the […]

The Twelve: Four Ways to Enjoy Your Three Day Weekend.

A special edition of The Twelve. Labor Day is all about celebrating American workers and their contributions towards innovation and the American economy. Today it’s a sign of the end of summer and white pants, and the start of school. For our international friends, it’s spent grilling, outside, or attending parades. Since Labor Day is […]