12 new products a year

TIMM SAYS: Great site and products, and I’m glad you’re out there. You only have 3 of the claimed 12 products out so I assume you’re new, and I can’t wait to see what else you create… We need to change that to [up to] 12 new products a year : ) The point is, […]

The BMW of Computer Accessories

I just got a loaner car – a BMW X5 – for a few days. I just have to say, it’s Be – U – T – ful. Really, I’m so impressed. The finish is flawless, sound system is the best I’ve ever heard, it drives, well, like a BMW. All the little details are […]

You Never Forget Your First…

Just had our first interview as Twelve South. Had a great interview with Andy from our local Biz Journal. He asked all the hard questions and I only squirmed around and said ‘Umm” a few times : ) Overall a pretty good overview of our little start-up we call Twelve South. Thanks CRBJ! [article] Charleston startup […]

distinct |disˈti ng kt|

adjective1 recognizably different in nature from something else of a similar type We Mac users are always looking at other people’s Macs – at school, in coffee shops, on Flickr… and lately there are more and more MacBooks out there to look at – which is great. The only problem is when my MacBook isn’t so special […]