Here’s a peek at some great coverage from The Netherlands

Even when we don’t know exactly what they’re saying (and you can’t exactly rely on Google Translate all the time for context), we can tell when coverage looks good. Here’s a peek at iPad Magazine in The Netherlands, where this month they graciously covered our PlugBug and our BookBook for iPad…both of which are available […]

Forbes on Twelve South: “A Refreshing Break from the Norm”

We are blushing. In a recent piece for Forbes titled “These Two Companies Increase Apple’s New Worth,” writer Ed Zitron makes the case that Twelve South, along with friendly competitor Mophie, are the only two premium Apple accessory makers worthy of buying from, calling us the “Chanel clutch and Burberry bracelet to your little black […]

Doing an Energy Audit? USA Today Recommends PlugBug!

Doing a home energy audit? Sometimes “efficiency” can be gained by just reducing the number of outlets you’re using. In USA Today‘s piece “Save Money With An Energy Audit,” writer Alice Truong mentions PlugBug in this week’s Surf Report. Here’s what she wrote: “When the PlugBug from Twelve South first came on the market in November, […]