Introduction to MacBook Stands

If you’re anything like us, you have everything you dreamed that you could need for your MacBook: A case? Check. A way to charge all your devices? Check. Accessories for your accessories? Check. But if you’re putting your MacBook directly on your desk, you’re doing yourself- and your computer – a disservice.

Introducing ParcSlope for MacBook: The hybrid stand you can type on

Charleston, SC, January 20, 2015 – Twelve South announces the release of ParcSlope,* a new hybrid stand made exclusively for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The sleek metal wedge elevates your MacBook screen while tilting your keyboard at desk level for comfortable typing. With ParcSlope, MacBook sits at a more ergonomic viewing height without requiring an external […]

ParcSlope. What’s in a Name?

ParcSlope is our great new Hybrid MacBook Stand that you can type on. It also happens to be a cool neighborhood in Brooklyn. But why the ‘c’ in ParcSlope instead of the typical ‘k’? There’s actually an homage to Mac built into the name ParcSlope. Here’s the rest of the story.