Get the Most from Apple Pencil

Apple is appealing to the artist sector with their iPad Pro range and now with Apple’s introduction of Pencil, it’s ushering in an entirely new method of input for these devices. For those who’ve picked up a 9.7-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it’s worth splurging on a $99 Apple Pencil, from doodling to note taking and […]

ParcSlope and Astropad

One of our favorite apps for the iPad Pro is Astropad, the software that turns your iPad into a drawing tablet for Mac. Since the iPad Pro’s launch, we’ve seen illustrators ditching their traditional drawing tablets for more versatile solutions like iPad Pro, Astropad, and ParcSlope. Astropad for iPad Pro has launched today, and our […]

Your new drawing tablet is iPad Pro and Pencil

Since we got Apple’s Pencil, we have not been able to stop doodling, drawing, and sketching. So far, AstroPad is one of our favorite apps to use with our Pencil and ParcSlope. Astropad allows you to turn your iPad into a graphics tablet and draw directly into Photoshop right from your iPad. iMore made a […]

ParcSlope is the perfect creative easel for iPad Pro

Originally created for MacBook, ParcSlope is the perfect angled desktop stand for creative work on the new iPad Pro. Set iPad Pro on the silicone-padded ParcSlope and draw with Apple Pencil, bang out beats in GarageBand, or manipulate on-screen controls while you sketch with your other hand. If iPad Pro is your new digital canvas, […]

Which MacBook stand works with your work style?

There’s a laptop stand for everyone, no matter where – or how – you work. HiRise Do you pair your dual monitor desk set up with a standing desk? Do you adjust, re-adjust, and adjust again? HiRise allows you to adjust your laptop height until it’s just right – and then take it with you. […]