BigHugeNerd’s BigHugeLaunch features Twelve South!

We are bighugefans of great writers. And great bios on blogs. So when we were made aware of the bighugelaunch of new blog BigHugeNerd, we had to take a peek (maybe it’s because we are bighugenerds ourselves, kind of. Well. Ok, we are.). The best part of writer William Grose’s bio is this: “An avid […]

Macgasm on MagicWand: “It’s a must-have”

Joshua Schnell, who writes for Macgasm, is pretty straightforward about his history of second-guessing Twelve South products. When MagicWand showed up at his door, he was skeptical, and fast forward a couple of days? He wasn’t sure how he lived without it. Here’s the skinny on MagicWand via Macgasm and Joshua: “Leave it to Twelve […]