#12Days: 6 Tips for a Photo-Finish Holiday

With the holidays come countless photo opps — so you’ll want to be prepared to manage the tools at hand. In this installment of #12Days, we bring you 6 tips that help you make the most of your iPhone when it comes to photos, courtesy of our friends at iPhoneLife. 

#12Days: Favorite Apps for your HiRise

People email us all the time to ask which apps are in our photos. Because we’re so very Type A deliberate around here, we should say up front: We don’t feature apps unless we use them. And we are picky, picky, picky. So in this installment of #12Days, we’d like to share some of our […]

iTip: Buy More RAM

Since we’re Apple-only, people are always asking us for tips to make their Macs run better. Believe it or not, our #1 tip is this: Buy more RAM! Whether you’re upgrading to a new MacBook Air or moving to a MacBook Pro with Retina, the best add-on choice you can make that will have the […]