Celebrate why you #LoveMac

January 24, 1984 is when Apple released the first Macintosh computer – announced with the famous 1984 Super Bowl ad. The ad came out January 22nd – today!- in 1984. Since we’re Apple-only, and passionate about Macs, we’re celebrating the Macintosh’s birthday. Use #LoveMac on twitter, and tell us why you love your Mac or why you made the […]

HiRise for iPhone, iPad, & Magic Accessories

MadeForMac Tip: Did you know the HiRise for iPhone on your desk can now charge your new Apple MagicKeyboard and MagicTrackpad? Charge them on your HiRise overnight at your desk when the battery gets low and you’ll be fully powered for the day ahead. Have any other tips and tricks for us? Tell us on […]

#12Days: 12 Days of Christmas, One Digest

Since it’s officially the 12th Day of our #12Days series, we thought we’d celebrate by putting it all together in one handy digest. If you missed anything — whether it was our Wintry Mix or how HoverBar Solves the Holiday Double-Chin — here it is, in all its glory.