#12Days: Favorite Apps for HoverBar

If you’ve got an iPad — pretty much any iPad except the first one — you’ll find HoverBar is universally great. Obvious uses? A second screen to monitor your Tweetdeck right next to your iMac. In the kitchen above the spill zone. But which apps are best on HoverBar? We can’t tell you which ones are […]

#12Days: HoverBar Solves Holiday Double-Chin Problem

Are you among the millions suffering in silence, checking your posture, look, and lighting on FaceTime before you dial? Modern problems, sure — the old home phone didn’t require you to be out of your bathrobe to talk to anyone. And back then, working from home was simply not an option. But now there’s FaceTime. […]

iPad Air 2 and our iPad gear…

We just opened our beautiful new iPad Air 2 in Gold. One of the pleasures of working at Twelve South is that it’s a “job requirement” to purchase and get our hands on every new Apple piece of hardware they release. To be honest, it’s one of our favorite parts of the gig. Even now, breaking the film and […]