Which MacBook stand works with your work style?

There’s a laptop stand for everyone, no matter where – or how – you work. HiRise Do you pair your dual monitor desk set up with a standing desk? Do you adjust, re-adjust, and adjust again? HiRise allows you to adjust your laptop height until it’s just right – and then take it with you. […]


Introduction to MacBook Stands

If you’re anything like us, you have everything you dreamed that you could need for your MacBook: A case? Check. A way to charge all your devices? Check. Accessories for your accessories? Check. But if you’re putting your MacBook directly on your desk, you’re doing yourself- and your computer – a disservice.


Our Gift To You: A Change of Scenery

One of the joys of working with more than one Mac is the dual-screen setup. Everyone in our office uses dual screens right now.  But when you have a gorgeous, seamless horizon like this to work with, it seems silly not to use your background as an art space when you’re not working. So we […]