Show us your dual-screen set up and win a HiRise for MacBook

At Twelve South, we love great images and we’ve loved seeing our background collections on dual-screens around the world. We partnered with the amazing Scott Gordon to capture the San Francisco Bay during the golden hours, and the pictures are magical. We’re calling the new collection Sky Lights. So to celebrate our new background collection, […]

Which MacBook stand works with your work style?

There’s a laptop stand for everyone, no matter where – or how – you work. HiRise Do you pair your dual monitor desk set up with a standing desk? Do you adjust, re-adjust, and adjust again? HiRise allows you to adjust your laptop height until it’s just right – and then take it with you. […]

Introduction to MacBook Stands

If you’re anything like us, you have everything you dreamed that you could need for your MacBook: A case? Check. A way to charge all your devices? Check. Accessories for your accessories? Check. But if you’re putting your MacBook directly on your desk, you’re doing yourself- and your computer – a disservice.