HiRise for iPhone, iPad, & Magic Accessories

MadeForMac Tip: Did you know the HiRise for iPhone on your desk can now charge your new Apple MagicKeyboard and MagicTrackpad? Charge them on your HiRise overnight at your desk when the battery gets low and you’ll be fully powered for the day ahead. Have any other tips and tricks for us? Tell us on […]

iPhone 6s Launch Compatibility Update

Your “peek and pop” preview: – BookBook fits iPhone 6s & 6s Plus like a glove. – SurfacePad and rose gold look AMAZING – our go-to colors are black and white. – HiRise, the wonder stand, fits perfectly with whichever case you choose.

What we know after the “Hey Siri” Apple Event

As excitement for the Apple Event has ramped up, we’ve been getting more questions about whether or not our products will fit the latest from Cupertino. We try not to listen to rumors, and prefer to hear the news straight from Apple. Thank you for being patient while we waited to hear the specs. So […]

HiRise Deluxe spotting: The Verge Video

If you’re curious about the Apple Photos app and how it’s different than iPhoto, here’s a great video from The Verge about it. We couldn’t resist sharing it because it also happens to feature our HiRise Deluxe, which sits to the left of Dan Seifert throughout the review.