Hello, George Costanza? Your wallet is calling!

OK, so here’s a question we get a lot: “How much stuff can I fit into a BookBook for iPhone?” (Usually asked kind of sheepishly by someone with lots of loyalty cards who isn’t quite ready to lighten his or her load.) Our official answer is that a typical BookBook for iPhone can carry a […]

Introducing the all-new BookBook for iPhone 5 from Twelve South

Introducing the all-new BookBook for iPhone 5 from Twelve South Charleston, SC, November 19, 2012 – Twelve South is pleased to announce the release of the much-anticipated BookBook for iPhone 5. Redesigned exclusively for iPhone 5, BookBook combines a wallet with an iPhone case, creating a handsome, genuine leather case that protects and disguises both […]

Uber-Cool BookBook for iPhone mod — we had to share!

A recent user email from Benjamin said, “I wanted a unique iPhone case.  After reviewing the post of someone else who got the bookbook embossed, my wife decided that we would get the leather laser-etched on the front and back.  The back has my initials.  For the front, we found an embossing from an old 1895 […]

Cool Stop-Action BookBook Video

While there’s certainly a lot to watch on YouTube (cat memes, anyone?), sometimes we come across something we’d like to share that everyone in the world hasn’t already seen. This video is neat because it’s both a great advertisement for BookBook for MacBook Air that we didn’t have anything to do with, but also cool […]