TekRevue: BassJump is an “ear-opening addition”

Wondering how to improve sound quality on your Mac without extra speakers? We’ve got one word for you: BassJump. According to website TekReview, which performed an in-depth analysis of everything from battery life to side-by-side audio samples using BassJump and not, “…the beauty of the BassJump is that it can improve sound quality without the […]

Futuremusic: BassJump is “pure sonic alchemy”

While our BassJump has been around a while, it’s still being discovered daily by more and more music enthusiasts. The experts over at Futuremusic took it for a spin recently and went deep in their review. “The Twelve South BassJump speaker is not intended to provide an audiophile experience, it is merely “turbo-charging a MacBook’s […]