#12Days: The Twelve South Wintry Mix Playlist

The right music can get you in the holiday party spirit. To that end, we’re happy to share the Twelve South Wintry Mix — a holiday playlist of music we’re into right now. Think of it as a mix tape gift from us to you. This year’s list features some modern takes on old classics. Love […]

#12Days: HoverBar Solves Holiday Double-Chin Problem

Are you among the millions suffering in silence, checking your posture, look, and lighting on FaceTime before you dial? Modern problems, sure — the old home phone didn’t require you to be out of your bathrobe to talk to anyone. And back then, working from home was simply not an option. But now there’s FaceTime. […]

#12Days: Favorite Apps for your HiRise

People email us all the time to ask which apps are in our photos. Because we’re so very Type A deliberate around here, we should say up front: We don’t feature apps unless we use them. And we are picky, picky, picky. So in this installment of #12Days, we’d like to share some of our […]