#12Days: Stocking Stuffer Edition

If you’re anything like us, you’re still thinking of people that need to be added to your gift list, so stocking stuffers are the least of your worries. Still, we thought we’d throw out a few fun Stocking Stuffers that have caught our eye this year…all chosen because they’re under $15.

#12Days: Gifts for the Mac Geek Who Has Everything

By now, you’ve probably crossed all the “easy” people off your list (the kids, teachers, babysitter, hair stylist, your sisters). But what about the Mac Geek who has everything (your spouse, best friend, favorite colleague)? What makes a happy surprise for that person? In this installment of #12Days, we’ve got a few ideas up our […]

#12Days: Favorite Apps for HoverBar

If you’ve got an iPad — pretty much any iPad except the first one — you’ll find HoverBar is universally great. Obvious uses? A second screen to monitor your Tweetdeck right next to your iMac. In the kitchen above the spill zone. But which apps are best on HoverBar? We can’t tell you which ones are […]

#12Days: 6 Tips for a Photo-Finish Holiday

With the holidays come countless photo opps — so you’ll want to be prepared to manage the tools at hand. In this installment of #12Days, we bring you 6 tips that help you make the most of your iPhone when it comes to photos, courtesy of our friends at iPhoneLife.